An Excerpt from a recent edition of the Joe Sheehan Newsletter

This ain't 2008. Not only did the Yankees sign a lesser group of players, relative to what they got five years ago, but they add those players to an older, diminished core. They also lost a great player, Cano, in the process, taking a chunk out of whatever gains they made by adding Ellsbury, McCann and Beltran. The Yankees couldn't really do much else -- they played the 2013 season with scars at too many positions and took hits in actual attendance and TV ratings for doing so.

The Hall of Fame Electorate

Over the last week I've laid out some suggestions for improving the Hall of Fame process: closing the door to players before 1970, so as to better balance inductees across baseball history; focusing the Veterans Committee on players of recent vintage not given enough consideration due to the 5% rule; and modifying the 5% rule immediately so as to allow players getting some votes a year or two to cross that threshold.

2013 Newsletter

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